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[자급자족 포토샵 #1] 포토샵 설치부터 기본 셋팅까지! | Adobe PhotoShop CC 2018 | 디자인툴 빠르게 배우는 꿀팁 | 고자이너 | Go designer

[Adobe PhotoShop CC 2018 설치부터 기본 셋팅까지!]

포토샵 CC 2018 설치부터 기본 셋팅까지 함께 해봐요!
저의 디자인툴 후딱 배우는 꿀팁까지 담아보았습니다.

영상은 매주 일요일에 업로드 됩니다!
고자이너 구독하고 용건만 간단한 포토샵 강좌를 만나보세요 ^느^

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[포토샵물어보샵] 포토샵 무료로 설치하는 방법!

[포토샵물어보샵] 포토샵 무료 설치 및 제거

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How to Download and Install Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 Free Trial

In this video you will learn How to Download and Install Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 Free Trial
Download Link *** ***
I am going to show you how to get the legal version of Photoshop CC 2020 on your computer. Photoshop is the worlds best imaging and graphic design software that you can get your hands on today. It covers everything from photo editing to compositing, digital painting, animation and graphic design. And now you can harness the power of photoshop right now

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Tools I use
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To get started Click the link in the description below this will take you to

Head over to Creativity and Design, under featured products select Photoshop

Next to the download button at the top of your screen you will see an option to try the trial of photoshop click on trial

When you click on free trial adobe will give you three choices
Photography Plan
Photoshop Only Plan
Creative Cloud All Apps Plan

We currently use the Creative Cloud All Apps for our YouTube Channel if you want to try premiere pro, illustrator or audition then select this option otherwise your best option is the photography plan.
Select your choice

Enter your email

Then Adobe will ask you to enter your payment information
If you want to buy photoshop then you can enter your information but if you want to try the trial without giving up your credit card information then we have a secret to share with you
But don’t tell anyone

Head back to
Go to Creativity and Design under featured products select XD
Head to the top right and click on the blue download button
If you already have an adobe account you can sign in otherwise you can create an account

Creative Cloud app will start downloading on your computer.

If you want to get adobe photoshop cc 2020 trial for free then you need to download adobe XD first. If you don't do this then adobe will ask you to input your payment details to get access to the trial of adobe photoshop cc especially the 2020 trial version.
The Creative Cloud all apps platform is great to use for all your design needs and Photoshop is the best app of the lot.

If you enjoyed this video about the trial version of adobe Photoshop then please subscribe to our channel thanks for the support.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 Free Trial Video

Watch it again

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I am an affiliate marketer and throughout this YouTube Channel and our videos we recommend products and services as an affiliate. Please assume that the owner of this channel has an affiliate relationship with any goods and services mentioned in this video which they may earn a commission for recommending these products or services. If you have any questions about a specific product and my relationship with the owner of the product please contact me on my about page.




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